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Innergex Renewable Energy (TSX: INE) is a developer, owner and operator of run-of-river hydroelectric facilities, wind energy, and solar farms in North America. While many of the firm's operational assets are located in its home province of Québec, it has expanded into Ontario, British Columbia, and Idaho.


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Hydro Station Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst management ever. Coupled to extremely long unpaid hours (18+/day) and non stop manipulation from managers above. They don't hesitate to call you a manager just to skirt the responsibility to pay over time."

Commis comptables aux payables (Current Employee) says

"La comptabilité était composée d'une équipe productive qui s'entraidait. La compagnie est constamment en expansion et offrait des opportunités de défis professionnels avec ces nouvelles acquisitions.J'ai contribué à la construction d'un département des comptes payables et j'ai entraîné chacun de ses membres. Cependant, la nouvelle direction prise cette année avec l'arrivée de nouveaux patrons a fait fuir plusieurs employés et les journées en comptabilité ne sont plus agréables.Avantages sociaux, salaires, locaux, technologie.Nouvelle direction insensible et unidirectionnelle"

Operateur (Former Employee) says

"very good salary with a wide ranging scope of duties. expect to do duties not related to the skills you have been hired for. expect to put in longer hours than agreed to in your contract. expect to execute situations on the fringe of safety. ultimately the corporation is out to make a profit and it will do so at all costs. having said that the people on sites are skilled mature and of strong character. the job is never dull and is full of new and exciting situations. i have learned a tremendous amount of new skills and experiences.salary, traininglarge turn over of personnel"